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Interview with RIMC Speaker Jan Gronbech (Google)

18 March 2014

For RIMC 2014 we talked to Jan Gronberch of Google about his job, his talk at RIMC and his expectations of Iceland

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Interview with RavenTools and their integration with PR Newswire

17 July 2013

Raven Tools has integrated with PR Newswire - we catch up with Jon Henshaw at Raven Tools and ask a few questions about PR & SEO

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Friday Talk: An Interview with Mark Zuckerberg and Cheryl Sandberg

22 March 2013

In 2011 Zuckerberg was interviewed by Charlie Rose. Interesting to listen to it with the current state of online in mind.

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SES New York Interview: Marcia Kadanoff about Mobile

21 March 2013

An interview with Marcia Kadanoff, CEO & Founder of Open Marketing who will be talking about mobile at SES New York 2013.

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SES New York Interview: Clayburn Griffin about Facebook Graph Search

20 March 2013

An interview with Clayburn Griffin, Organic Search Director at Catalyst who will be talking about Facebook Graph Search at SES New York 2013.

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Friday Talk: Larry Page Q&A Zeitgeist Americas 2012

15 March 2013

Listen to Larry Page, who at Zeitgeist Americas 2012 was interviewed about all things Google.

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Charles from WCR

2013 Australian Roadshow – Interview with Charles Ryder CEO and Founder of White Chalk Road

23 January 2013

Jo Turnbull interviews the first Australian search company to be featured on the State of Search 2013 Australian Roadshow. Find out about search Down Under.

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Friday Talk: Eric Schmidt interviews Stephen Colbert

4 January 2013

Stephe Colbert visits Google as part of the promotion for his book and as part of Google's 'Authors at Google' series, he gets interviewed.

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David DeSouza

US 2012 Roadshow Interview with David DeSouza

4 December 2012

Jo Turnbull meets fellow meetup organiser - David DeSouza who is based in North Caroline, USA. Jo finds out about his meetup group and his link building tips.

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French cafe, Paris

Interview with Eloi Casali SEM Account Director at ZenithOptimedia

21 November 2012

When Jo Turnbull was in Paris this year, she met Eloi Casali, a bilingual SEM Account Director working in Paris. Read the exclusive interview on State of Search....

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