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An Interview With the Search Quality Alliance

25 October 2011

What would you do if you worked for Google, left and started your own business? You would probably focus on that business and would try to get as much...

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Helen Southgate of IAB UK about Networks, Agencies and Their Roles

24 October 2011

At A4U Expo we interviewed several people. One of them was Helen Southgate, who is Senior Online Marketing Manager for BSKYB and chair of the IAB Affiliate Council. She...

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State of Search A4U Expo London 2011 Talk with Lee Brignell-Cash – Fusepump

18 October 2011

State of Search is doing coverage of the A4U Expo 2011 in London. We do posts, but also interviews with speakers and attendees. You can find information here:

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An Interview With Christine Churchill – speaker at SMX East

8 September 2011

As you might have noticed, State of Search is a media partner for SMX East. We are doing several interviews with speakers. We talked to Danny Sullivan, Julie Joyce, Debra...

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An Interview With Rob Kerry – speaker at SMX East

5 September 2011

Yes, conference season! That means we can lavish ourselves with great talks on several different places. One of these places is SMX East in New York next week already!...

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An Interview With Julie Joyce – speaker at SMX East

25 August 2011

In a few weeks time SMX East starts in New York. The organization has again been able to make an impressive agenda with high level speakers from around the...

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Is a Better Google Solving Problems That Don’t Exist?

24 August 2011

Sometimes you run into a video which immediately triggers you. Like the video from Big Think, who interviewed Malcolm Gladwell. Galdwell is a staff writer with The New Yorker...

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Exclusive Interview: Danny Sullivan about SMX East, Google and a changing industry

18 August 2011

Conference season has started again. If you are an eager (search) marketer wanting to learn stuff you can really make some steps in the next few months with lots...

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Google News creator Krishna Bharat talks journalism

16 August 2011

Almost lunchtime on the Friday afternoon and waiting for the next World Cup match? You have one hour to ‘kill’. How about using that hour to listen to Google...

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State of Search – A4U Munich 2011 interviews – Matt Bailey

8 June 2011

We are coming to you LIVE these two days from A4U Expo Munich 2011. You can follow the stream live on our special A4U page, sponsored by Linkdex.The interviews are...

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