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Articles around Larry Page


Friday Talk: Larry Page Q&A Zeitgeist Americas 2012

15 March 2013

Listen to Larry Page, who at Zeitgeist Americas 2012 was interviewed about all things Google.

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Larry Page: “Search is not just about finding things. It’s about taking actions”

25 May 2012

Larry Page, CEO of Google, held his 'Zeitgeist' talk in the UK. Here are highlights and quotes.

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Larry Page Tells Employees: Understand Search Plus Your World or Leave

25 January 2012

Google launch of Search Plus Your World has lead to a lot of discussion on different levels. There is the “do we want to get this much personalized?” question,...

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Another Look at Page and Schmidts Quotes

21 September 2011

We have talked before about Eric Schmidt and his famous quotes. Some think he was crazy for saying them, others believe that if you listen carefully you can get...

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A Google board meeting got videotaped! (In 1999…)

28 April 2011

It’s rare that you actually get to see what is going on within the Google Plex. In some cases you get a peek of what happens after working hours...

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Bio of the Google boys: Larry Page and Sergey Brin

8 April 2011

It’s the American dream, becoming a big famous and rich entrepeneur starting with absolutely nothing. Larry Page and Sergey Brin actually lived that dream. These three videos show the...

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Larry Page taking control: reorganizes Google management and bonus system

8 April 2011

It’s not even taken Larry Page one week in his new role as CEO to make big changes to how Google works. We already heard of the departure of...

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Page’s first days in office: Product chief Jonathan Rosenberg resigns

5 April 2011

Starting this week things at Google are different. We’ve known for a few months now that Eric Schmidt would be stepping down as CEO and Larry Page would be...

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