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Why Do People Not Like On Facebook?

12 July 2013

How frustrating is it when people see us but don't like us? Or even worse: when they unlike us? This infographic looks at why they don't like us.

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Facebook Like Button on Sites Broken (Update: Fixed)

11 July 2012

The Facebook Like Button on sites didn't seem to be working. Did Facebook have a bug? Or are they up to something?

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What and Why Facebook Users “Like”

11 November 2011

We all want likes! As much as possible! As quickly as possible! This discussion is one which we could talk about for hours: do likes really matter? Maybe not...

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Ten *Real* Ways to Get More Facebook Likes

29 August 2011

This post is a collection of real methods for driving likes. Take away at least one of the Facebook tips presented here.

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Facebook-posted about

Facebook “Posted About” Feature Potential Page Traffic Booster

9 August 2011

When I first saw it I was a bit surprised. At first I thought I had set up some kind of alert. But I didn’t. Then I thought it...

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One Extra Facebook Fan could mean 20 additional visits to your website

7 July 2011

Should we all be running out trying to get likes? Fake accounts? Bribe people to like our content? It could be one of the conclusions if you look at...

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How Important Are Facebook Likes for Search?

23 May 2011

At SMX London 2011 I presented the results from a few experiments I’ve been running over the past few months on the impact of Facebook Likes on search rankings....

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