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Articles around Linkbuilding


ThinkVisibility, Linkworthy Stories and a Link Opportunity to Share

7 September 2011

I was lucky enough to be selected to speak at the recent Think Visibility conference, and did so on behalf of SEO PR Training, a second company that I...

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Review: Ontolo – The Linkbuilding Book

22 August 2011

As our connections to each other are the stuff of human relationships, so are links between sites the very stuff of the web. I was therefore overjoyed to read...

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8 things linkbuilders shouldn’t do when asking for links

18 August 2011

There are many link exchange requests which are lousy. A look at eight things you as a linkbuilder should not do when asking a webmaster for links.

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lipperhey links

Lipperhey launches new link index: a review

8 July 2011

Last week a Dutch company specialized in SEO tools called Lipperhey announced a new link index. Within 12 months they want to become the largest publicly accessible link database...

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chapter 5 keyword research

Working with clients to develop a robust and informative keyphrase seed list

7 July 2011

It’s been over 3 years now since a potential client (a B&B owner) from Bridgend told me that he wanted to rank Number 1 in Google for hotels. Try...

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Six Practical Tips for More Success with Guest Posts for Link Building

21 June 2011

With the rise of blogging more and more SEO Link building campaigns have come to rely on guest posting on other sites as a means of generating the kind...

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everything you want

Link Building – You Can’t Always Get What You Want

14 June 2011

The ever insightful Claire Carlile wrote a post a few days on the importance of understanding the answers to core questions about both your client and your goals before embarking...

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Linkresearchtools launches SERP Research Tool

2 June 2011

Linkresearchtools has launched a new feature within their tool: the SERP Research Tool. The tool helps you find link prospects in the SERPS of Google and filters out the...

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The 10 commandments of Linkbuilding (infographic)

23 May 2011

Linkbuilding, it keeps on being one of the major parts of the SEO business. Getting links in is regarded as the best way of doing optimisation according to many....

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Dixon car

Linkbuilding Tactics, Tools and Traps: Wise Words from Dixon Jones of Majestic SEO

12 May 2011

Editorial: With wide open arms we welcome Claire Carlile to our blogging team! We have seen some of her blogging in the past and know she can write. We...

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