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Articles around Marketing

basic forms of communication - the early telephone tin can

5 Reasons You Need to Consider Using Chatbots for Business

24 August 2016

Chatbots are at the foreground within marketing and digital news. In this post Lee Wilson explores the top 5 reasons why business need to start thinking about incorporating chatbots...

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cedric chambaz excel for search marketers

Lifting the lid of the search box: Excel tips for search marketers

11 August 2016

There's so much data available to us as marketers, but sometimes it can be difficult to make sense of large amounts of data. Here's some Excel tips to help...

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Was it Marketers that ruined social media? Yes they did.

20 June 2016

All timelines from all social networks now have algorithms. This means we miss many updates. And marketers are to blame for that.

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Majestic learnings

Learning from Majestic – a talk with Dixon Jones and Mel Carson – part 2

13 June 2016

In this series Bas van den Beld interviews Dixon Jones and Mel Carson of Majestic about all aspects of digital marketing and how Majestic fits into that.

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business baby

Marketing to Marketers

16 May 2016

Advising a client on their marketing strategy is a big step from running your own marketing. Here's how to connect with other skeptical marketers.

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Free Killer Tan

What Marketers Can Learn About Capturing Audience Attention From Prank-Style PSAs

11 May 2016

Lisa Lacy goes through how some nonprofits have been delivering their marketing message with shock via prank-style PSAs – and how marketers can broadly learn something from them about...

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Friday Talk: Steve Jobs’ Marketing Strategy for Apple

29 April 2016

In this video he introduces the famous commercial 'Here's to the crazy ones' from 1997 and the strategy behind it.

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Bing Shopping Cedric Chambaz ecommerce

Ecommerce in France – What You Need To Know Right Now

21 April 2016

Bing Ads research on French ecommerce behaviours and usage of search in buying decision process. Trends, Statistics, insights and new ad formats, presented by Cedric Chambaz.

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Why we Need to Stop Marketing to our Friends and Actually Start Marketing

19 April 2016

It was a dreary Sunday evening. I was browsing Facebook and a message came in. A friend of mine – who works in PR – sent a message to...

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Friday Talk: Start with Why – Simon Sinek

15 April 2016

Sometimes you need to take a few steps back to see the bigger picture. Look at the why, the what and then the how.

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