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Articles around metrics


White Paper: An Analysis of Link Metric Distributions

11 October 2013

In this white paper you can find an exploratory analysis of the distribution of link metrics using box plots and scatter diagrams. A comparison will be made among the...

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Searchmetrics Dashboard To Give You Quick Insights in Search Visibility

9 February 2012

The world of tools is going like crazy at the moment. And for a reason. Tools after all can give you insights which can help you build your brand...

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Ranking Reports that Inspire Focus and Decision Making

9 February 2012

Reporting on the success of your SEO work is more than using ranking reports. Good SEO should be about way more than just improving rankings.

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Jim Sterne on Social Media Metrics – London SES

19 August 2011

This post was written by Thomas Schonenberger from Mediavision who was our guest at SES London last week. Thursdays keynote at SES London was given by Jim Sterne, founder...

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The thoughts behind the new Google Analytics

1 June 2011

March 17th of this year Google announced a new version of Google Analytics. And to my surprise on State of Search we never posted one single article about this...

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