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Articles around Mobile


Google’s Increasing Emphasis on Mobile

30 October 2014

Yesterday Google announced a new feature for Webmaster Tools: a Mobile Usability report that shows what you can improve on your site to optimise it for mobile users. In...

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Hummingbird Algorithm

Hummingbird & Entity Search – #SMXSydney

27 May 2014

A roundup of talks at SMX Sydnay 2014 relating to the impact of the Hummingbird algorithm on your SEO strategy, both desktop and mobile.

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Friday Infographic: The Mobile Marketing Revolution

9 May 2014

A nice overview of the mobile marketing revolution: the timeline of mobile marketing and some pretty impressive usage statistics.

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Hero Conf

Monday Afternoon #HeroConf Keynote Speaker Brad Geddes, Mobile Ad Testing

6 May 2014

Jasmine Aye recaps Brad Geddes presentation at HeroConf on proper ad testing for mobile users and how to consolidate metrics into easily reportable figures.

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square mobile payment solutions

Top 3 Mobile Payment Solutions

16 April 2014

With card fees being so high, many are looking for an alternate solution. Mobile payments is one. In this article we explore 3 of the most popular options.

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Global Search Marketing

4 Global Search Statistics That Really Matter

3 April 2014

We hear a lot of facts and figures - but which ones really matter? These are some global digital statistics worth paying attention too!

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Mobile SEO Audit Guide

How to do a Mobile SEO Audit: Identifying and Maximizing your Website Mobile Potential

31 December 2013

Take a look at the most complete SEO Audit step by step guide to develop a Mobile SEO Analysis and Recommendations. Start optimizing for Mobile Now!

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Responsive Design

Why You Need Responsive Design

5 December 2013

Responsive web design is a real buzzword this year, but what does it mean and is it the best design option for your site? In this post we look...

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The “Mobilification” Of Consuming Content

6 November 2013

The future of all content will have to comply with mobile standards. As a business, it's time to start making the transition before it's too late.

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Variations in Branded Mobile Search Results in 2013

26 September 2013

Branded searches are a big deal for any SEO, but they are more important for mobile SEO because they make up such a high portion of mobile queries.

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