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Articles around Mobile


B2B Mobile Marketing (Infographic)

2 August 2013

Mobile is here to stay. But one thing which is hard for companies: how does mobile fit into b2b-marketing? This infographic looks at just that.

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Neil Walker’s Data Download July 2013

11 July 2013

What happens if you download the data from a whole bunch of Analytics Accounts? You get a snippet of the data Google has, but still some good direction.

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90% of media is consumed on-screen – are you prepared for multi-screen

11 July 2013

From the way people talk about it these days, one would be forgiven for thinking that the issue of multi-screen and multi-device usage was a new one - however...

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How to use Google+ to Dominate a Generic Mobile Search Result

8 July 2013

Dominating a generic query in a mobile search is not impossible, and can drive lots of mobile traffic. Cindy Krum explains how you can use Google+ for that.

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Structured Data and How It can Improve Mobile Search Results

1 July 2013

Anything to improve the ‘look’ of mobile results will make it much more appealing to a mobile searcher, and drive up the CTR.

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Mobile SEO Tools

My Mobile SEO Toolbox: Top Tools for Mobile SEO Analysis

13 May 2013

Which tools are best for mobile SEO purposes? An overview of the top tools which will give you the best results.

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internet uk tablet

iOS Still Dominates Mobile And Tablet Traffic In UK

13 May 2013

According to Adobe, 84% of UK traffic via a tablet device went to iOS in February 2013, with 53.5% of UK traffic via mobile phones doing the same.

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The Impact of Mobile Gifting

3 May 2013

We know that mobile is hot and it's going places. And gifts are following closely. Put those together and there is even more to look at.

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Mobile Web or Mobile App?

The Mobile Web vs. Mobile App Choice: Which is better for you?

15 April 2013

An overview of the different alternatives to create a Mobile presence and how to optimize it to improve its visibility.

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brightonseo logo

How Phone Data Might Change Your Search Strategy – #brightonseo

12 April 2013

In his BrightonSEO talk, Ali White from T W White & Sons explained how advanced call tracking helped him redefine his SEO and PPC campaigns.

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