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Articles around money


The State of Social: Staffing and Budgeting for Social

20 December 2013

Would you set up a complete social team? Or should the current marketing team do it all? And how much are they worth to you? All questions which are...

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How Does Google Make Its Money Again?

19 July 2013

Google, the number one player in our industry. Not just in usage, but definitely also in money. They make a lot of it. But how?

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95% of UK Marketers Will Increase Digital Marketing Spend

17 May 2013

The economy is down, but digital seems up, that is if you can believe numbers which are going around and if you look at how busy some (most) digital...

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Mark Zuckerberg vs Rupert Murdoch: The Battle

10 May 2013

Mark Zuckerberg is 'new money' and Rupert Murdoch is 'old money'. They both earned the money themselves, but with different types of media. How they compare

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A Look at Google’s Revenue and Expenses

14 January 2013

A quick look into Google's wallet: their revenues, expenses and more all in one view.

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Where Does Google’s 100 Million $ Per Day Come From?

2 November 2012

Google makes 100 million dollars per day on search advertising. Which industries make Google the most money?

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