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Articles around Optimizing


7 Things My Girlfriend Taught Me About SEO

24 April 2013

Looking at non-seo's when they search will give you great insights into how 'real people' use the web and how you should really optimise.

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Hosting Or Posting? What Are The Best Options For Video SEO

3 July 2012

Video content can be a hugely effective method of driving sales and traffic for a brand - but where that traffic goes depends on how the video is hosted,...

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What Website Owners can Learn From Gordon Ramsay

14 February 2012

Who doesn’t know British chef Gordon Ramsay. He is well-known around the world, mostly because of his swearing in the kitchen, but also because he has set up many...

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Optimising or optimizing for videos on YouTube: Greg Jarboe explains

17 August 2011

The International Search Summit is a conference which has a focus which you don’t find on many conferences: international, the title already says it. Its amazing how little this...

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