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Articles around Pagerank


Using PageRank for internal link optimisation

7 December 2015

PageRank is known as Google's main metric for measuring external link value, but the base algorithm can be used for internal link optimisation too!

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SEO: Back to Basics

15 September 2010

So now that we’ve thoroughly established that SEO is not dead and we all still have jobs, livelihoods, and incomes, let’s get back to actually getting some SEO done,...

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Understanding Google Page Rank [infographic]

22 August 2010

Infographics, you can’t seem to miss out on them these days, they are everywhere. This one, made by Zippycart, is one we couldn’t let go off on this Sunday...

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Doesn’t Google know how to rank social media?

5 February 2010

Originally posted on Searchcowboys Pagerank is not dead at all, its alive and kicking and its looking at Twitter. InĀ an interview with Technology Review Googler Amit Singhal tried to...

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