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Articles around Panda Update


What in the name of Google is a “Panda” (infographic)

25 July 2011

When there wasn’t a Google Plus yet we all were talking about SEO, remember that? And the most talked about topic at that time was the Panda Update. What...

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Ralf Schwoebel at A4uexpo

Panda – The Quality Bear of Search eats Affiliates

29 June 2011

It has already been two weeks since the A4Uexpo in Munich, but I still want to cover the “Panda-session”, because it was one of the best sessions at this...

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Sam Crocker and Kelvin Newman about affiliates, conferences and Panda

10 June 2011

At A4U Expo we have been doing several interviews with speakers and attendees. Two of the speakers were actually State of Search bloggers: Samuel Crocker and Kelvin Newman are...

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Pouring Water on the Panda – UK Observations and Data Cautions Regarding Price Comparison

20 April 2011

Google Panda update – communicated as an algorithm update designed to de-prioritise sites that were deemed to be low on user trust, sites that lack original non-commercial content, and...

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Low quality is messing up my search experience, bring on the Panda!

19 April 2011

As an SEO in my everyday life I am often confronted with the fruits of labor of my industry. As well as my clients I am a user of...

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The Google Panda Discussion at SMX West

29 March 2011

The Google Panda update has kept us busy as no other update has before. It even was the subject of the session “Content Farms’ Or The Smartest SEOs In...

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A different look at the Panda update

25 March 2011

Everybody has its own way of looking at the Panda update this one (I was pointed to by @chapter42) is a good one for a Friday morning (or afternoon).

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