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Articles around Penguin Update


What The Penguin?

8 June 2012

Google is releasing animals this year. First Panda's now Penguins. But what does that all mean? And how can we protect ourselves?

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10 Post Penguin Link Building Tips

17 May 2012

So Penguin has come and gone, and you are still wondering what do I do. You may be unsure where to target your link building efforts, as you are...

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Peter Young and Neil Walker at SAScon

Breaking Free of Panda/Penguin

17 May 2012

SAScon session called 'Breaking Free of Panda/Penguin' and features my good friend Peter Young from Mediacom and Holistic Search, and the original SEO rapper and Jason Statham lookalike Neil...

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Opinions On The Google Penguin

4 May 2012

The latest Google Update, which for a change is not named "Panda", but "Penguin", has again gotten a lot of webmasters and SEOs talking.

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