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Google Changes The +1 Button So You Can Share Even Faster

27 February 2012

Google will soon slightly change the way the current +1 button works. Since last year August you can share pages on Google+ via the button embedded on a website. Extra click...

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Google Plus One Button Shows Who Plus One-d a Page

2 September 2011

The Google +1 Button has been around for a while and is slowly but surely starting to get more characteristics of the like/share button from Facebook. After Google released...

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Google now showing +1 Counts and ads the local aspect: ready for spam?

24 June 2011

Searchenginewatch reports that Google is making another step in integrating social into their search results. Again it has to do with the +1 button. Searchenginewatch editor Danny Goodwin noticed...

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Crawling: check. Indexing: check. Ranking: check.

We’re doing Google’s job for them

14 June 2011

You’ve all heard about the Google +1 button and the recent announcement. Big news, both of those, but something is rubbing me the wrong way about all this...

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Google +1 Button is here, Get your Data to Google!

2 June 2011

After the launch in beta of the +1-button Google yesterday finally launched the official button. Now everybody can put the +1 button on their website. On their blog Google...

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Google +1 site button found in code by Dutchman (Update: loop closed)

31 March 2011

A young Dutch programmer, Ivo Schaap, has discovered that the Google +1 button for on websites which supposedly was going to be launched somewhere later this year is already...

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Google +1, will it succeed? The experts don’t agree

31 March 2011

With the launch of “+1″ Google seems to have made another step in the revealing of their social layers. This one without a doubt is one of the bigger...

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