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David Armano – Reinventing Social Media

24 February 2012

This talk is a TedX talk from Senior Vice President for Edelman Digital who has done social media, marketing and business strategy for multiple clients such as eBay, BlackBerry, and...

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Friday Talk: Wil Reynolds Keynote at Affiliate Summit East 2011

27 January 2012

Wil Reynolds is one of the most appreciated experts in the search industry. Wil spoke at the Affiliate Summit last year in New York. His keynote was insightful and...

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Friday Talk: Lawrence Lessig at Google

6 January 2012

In this Friday Talk we enter the Google Plex, where many authors come and visit and talk about their books. One of these authors was Lawrence Lessig, who wrote...

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Friday Talk: Mikel Chertudi at SES Chicago 2011

16 December 2011

This week in the Friday Talk a keynote from last SES Chicago. There Mikel Chertudi, Adobe’s Senior Director of Marketing, talked about our guilt and wishful thinking when it...

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Bryan Eisenberg Keynote Speech

Conversion Conference London 2011 : 3 Great Sessions from Day 1

2 December 2011

The Conversion Conference was held at the Business Design Center in Islington from Dec 30th – Dec 1st. The venue also hosted 3 other conferences the ‘Marketing Optimization Summit’,...

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Friday Talk: Christian Oestlien, Google on Getting Closer to Your Customers on Google+

18 November 2011

In this Friday Talk we hand the stage, well AdTech originally did, to Google Head of Social Advertising Products Christian Oestlien to talk about the companies vision on Google+...

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Friday Talk: Marissa Mayer (Google) at WITI Annual Conference

4 November 2011

Marissa Mayer keynoted at the WITI Annual Conference in San Jose. She talks about management and how that works within Google.

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10 Slide decks From A4U Expo London 2011

20 October 2011

The two days at A4U Expo London 2011 were filled with videos, interviews, people networking and much more. But one of the most important parts of the conference off...

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Friday Talk: Susan Bratton About the importance of conversation within Affiliate Marketing

14 October 2011

With the Affiliate Conference A4U Expo coming up next week we figured it would be a nice idea to show a presentation around Affiliate Marketing. In this case it...

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Friday Talk: Bryan Eisenberg Keynote at Affiliate Summit East 2011

23 September 2011

Earlier this week we talked to Bryan Eisenberg while we visited SMX Stockholm. Bryan today launched his website which we highlighted this morning and we figured: why not...

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