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Articles around Privacy


Yes You Are being Spied On, But It’s not the Government we Should look at

4 July 2013

People don't want the government spying on them but at the same time tell the world everything about themselves.

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Google Big Brother

Transparency is not the answer; Privacy is what sets us free

26 June 2013

The Silicon Valley elite call for greater transparency, claiming it will free us from governments and enable innovation. But is that actually the case?

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Friday Talk: Andrew Keen about Digital Vertigo

21 June 2013

With the latest revelations around PRISM it is interesting to listen to a talk Andrew Keen did a few years ago. He has been criticising the web and especially...

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What Are You Telling Facebook Apps?

24 May 2013

Do you know what all the Facebook Apps you use take away from you when it comes to information? Think about that next time you play "Candy Crush Saga".

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I’m With Stupid: How The Internet Is Dumbing Down The Next Generation

8 April 2013

Why should we care about how kids receive information these days? Because it affects everything, their future and ours.

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Friday Talk: Jeff Jarvis on Privacy

2 November 2012

Jeff Jarvis delivers a keynote address at Big Tent - DatenDialog on the changing role of privacy in society and the value of publicness.

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Looking for A Job? Student? Think About What You Do On Social Media

12 October 2012

If you are young and you want to make sure that in the future you will get the job(s) you want you better make sure you know what you...

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Facebook is Testing the Patience, Trust and Loyalty of Users

25 September 2012

Facebook runs into three issues which could make users turn their backs on them, Facebook offers are too much in your face and privacy issues raise concerns

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The Risks of Posting on Social Networks

11 September 2012

Do you think about what you are putting on social networks? Maybe you should, take a look at this infographic and understand why.

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Google Removes Social Circle Data

22 June 2012

Google seems to have removed the social graph data which you could see about your social network without telling anyone.

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