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Articles around Privacy


Don’t want personal ads? Google lets you opt-out

24 January 2011

There has been a lot of discussion over the past few months about cookies. Yes, the cookies on the computer. Those that register what you do online. And those...

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Update: Facebook postpones sharing of phone numbers and addresses

18 January 2011

Yesterday I wrote about a new ‘feature’ in Facebook which meant that third party developers would now be able to easily pick up phone numbers and addresses from Facebook....

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Facebook New Feature: The start of a Beautiful Friendship (Page)?

9 November 2010

Facebook have released a new, slightly creepy feature, apparently around a week ago. I’m not sure if this is a phased roll-out, or if I’m just not watching closely...

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Want to see the German blurred houses unblurred? Use an iPhone

8 November 2010

We can go on and on about Streetview and Google issues so it seems. We reported last week Google got a slap on the wrist in the UK and...

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Google launches its ‘blurred’ Streetview in Germany

3 November 2010

There has been no country which has been so hesitant when it comes to Googles Streetview as Germany. Yes, in the UK there were people chasing Streetview cars, as...

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Top 15 Of Google’s Eric Schmidt Most Remarkable Quotes

27 October 2010

Eric Schmidt of Google is known for his remarkable quotes. We got together 15 of his most remarkable quotes here.

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Don’t like Streetview? “You can move” Eric Schmidt jokes on CNN…

26 October 2010

It is becoming some sort of a running gag. Eric Schmidt showing up in tv shows, at conferences or at press conferences and then trying to be funny. And...

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Google could be sued in UK for taking e-mail passwords and more

25 October 2010

Google’s Streetview has been a big headache for Google in Europe. What was supposed to be a fun tool turned out to be a monster when it comes to...

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Google forced to give away data on court order: what’s next?

21 October 2010

The web is still relatively young. Which means we still have to get used to how to work with the web combined with the rules we made offline. The...

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Schmidt does it again: “The Laws Are Written by Lobbyists”

4 October 2010

It more and more looks as if Eric Schmidt is trying to get as much attention as possible by delivering remarkable quotes. At the Washington Ideas Forum last week...

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