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Tag Archives: Privacy


Jason Calacanis fires at Facebook, should we follow him?

12 May 2010

Jason Calacanis has a reputation of a loudmouth. That reputation makes that many people either hate him or love him. But it does make that he gets attention at...

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Privacy: do we really care what Facebook and Google are doing?

26 April 2010

Google and Facebook are pushing the boundaries when it comes to privacy by storing data and spreading the data. But do we really care?

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Facebook turns web upside down, watch out Google, watch out privacy

22 April 2010

The world wide web used to be simple: you had websites and you had Google indexing them. Based on the ‘Google formula’ they would rank in a way Google...

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Google Italy ruling might very well turn out to be a blessing

2 March 2010

Last weeks ruling in Italy, which has three Googlers facing time in jail, caused some surprised reactions around the globe. But if we respond well, it might very well...

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Forget Google Streetview, here is Bing Streetside: wow!

28 February 2010

IF Google would ever be forced to do something about their Streetview-pictures, there is a very good alternative waiting for you over at Bing. The "new" Bing Maps...

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