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Articles around rankings


Why Keyword Rankings Still Matter

6 November 2013

Keyword rankings are frequently denounced as metrics for SEO. But are they really obsolete?

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Why Reporting on Rankings is Futile and What You Should Focus Your Efforts on Instead

1 July 2013

Jo Turnbull explains what KPIs you and your team should be focusing and reporting on instead of rankings.

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Going Beyond Rankings With Google Analytics

23 April 2013

This post takes a look at the increasing problem with flawed ranking data and how we should be educating site owners to look beyond search engine ranking data. Using...

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Can Social Media Activity Boost Rankings?

27 April 2012

Do social media shares impact your rankings? They just might. Here is a test, but the numbers are not fantastic (yet?)

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Doesn’t Google know how to rank social media?

5 February 2010

Originally posted on Searchcowboys Pagerank is not dead at all, its alive and kicking and its looking at Twitter. InĀ an interview with Technology Review Googler Amit Singhal tried to...

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