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Articles around Research


Who is Giving Facebook the Most Referrals? Google!

23 August 2011

Google and Facebook have become huge competitors in the past few years. Where they started of as two completely different services on the web they now are connected like...

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Thinks looking good for search marketers but: It’s all about the (mobile) dialogue

19 August 2011

A research performed by the Dutch Dialogue Marketing Association shows that things are looking good for search marketers, much more money will be spent on search in 2010. The...

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Searches on Bing More Successful than on Google

16 August 2011

There has been a lot of discussion about Bing lately. According to some experts Microsoft’s search engine was driving on a dead end street. They were going nowhere and...

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Universal Search: how often are they shown on Google’s SERPs?

3 August 2011

Last week Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land reported on a study done by Searchmetrics about which types of universal search – results from specific vertical searches such as...

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Branded AdWords advertising boosts total site traffic

26 July 2011

Whenever a company publishes research that casts its own products in a positive light, my sceptic-alarm goes off. Often this type of ‘research’ is just poorly veiled PR spin...

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One Extra Facebook Fan could mean 20 additional visits to your website

7 July 2011

Should we all be running out trying to get likes? Fake accounts? Bribe people to like our content? It could be one of the conclusions if you look at...

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New tool: Google Correlate: Google Trends in reverse

26 May 2011

Google just launched an interesting new tool: Google Correlate. It is currently available in beta in Google Labs. The tool enables you to find queries with a similar pattern...

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Thinking Online books

The 5 Best SEO Books That Aren’t About SEO

5 May 2011

I get asked quite often what beginning SEOs need to do to become advanced practitioners of our craft. Specifically they want to know which books to read. There are...

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Google or Bing: The Royal Wedding – UPDATE

28 April 2011

Since Bing is gaining market share in the US and a little in the UK and we are always complaining that we don’t have the ‘right’ Bing here in...

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State of Search top 10 posts for March 2011

8 April 2011

There is a lot of great content being published on State of Search. You might not ‘catch’ them all. So here is an overview of the best read posts...

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