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Articles around reviews


Geosurf: a proxy service on steroids

27 July 2011

Working in Europe for several foreign companies I often need proxies to check local rankings, see how marketing campaigns are appearing in other countries or to check one of...

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lipperhey links

Lipperhey launches new link index: a review

8 July 2011

Last week a Dutch company specialized in SEO tools called Lipperhey announced a new link index. Within 12 months they want to become the largest publicly accessible link database...

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Thinking Online books

The 5 Best SEO Books That Aren’t About SEO

5 May 2011

I get asked quite often what beginning SEOs need to do to become advanced practitioners of our craft. Specifically they want to know which books to read. There are...

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Linkdex review: a tool as your new SEO assistant

7 April 2011

At SES London I talked to the team of Linkdex. They wanted to show me their new tool. To be really honest: many people want to show me what...

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Social Media Marketing by Li Evans - cover

Book review: Social Media Marketing by Li Evans (@storyspinner)

3 March 2011

There are many books out there about search and social media. Which one to read? Do they all tell the truth? Is there one book out there which hands...

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Review: SEO Effect

23 July 2010

SEO Effect is a new suite of search engine optimization tools that’s currently under development by a team headed by Dutch search marketing expert Keesjan Deelstra. I had the...

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