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Articles around SASCON


Day 1 of #SAScon – lessons learnt

6 June 2014

Here's our coverage of SASCon 2014 - Day 1. Find out the tricks, tips and strategic thinking that came from one of the best industry conferences this year.

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Day 2 of #SAScon 2013 – Top Tips and Takeaways

8 June 2013

Three bloggers (Jackie Hole, Marcus Taylor and Claire Thomspon) from the State of Search team have spent the day at SAScon putting together all the key takeaways in one...

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SAScon 2013 – Top Tips and Takeaways (1)

6 June 2013

Three bloggers (Jackie Hole, Barry Adams and Claire Thomspon) from the State of Search team have spent the day at SAScon putting together all the key takeaways in one...

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Sascon Mini Conference 2012

SASCON Mini Conference 2012 – Mobile & Local

14 December 2012

An Overview of the SASCON Mini Conference from Manchester, UK. The focus of the conference was on Mobile and Local Optimisation.

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SAScon: Bas van den Beld speaking about psychology of search

The Psychology of Search

21 May 2012

Wrap up of the SASCON session by Bas van den Beld, who talks about the psychology of search.

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Gamification a new way of marketing #SaScon Part 1

18 May 2012

Speakers: Richard Baxter, Founder / Director @richardbaxter Jeff Coghlan, CEO and Founder, Matmi @matmi This was such an awesome session, that I have split it into two posts...

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SAScon location panel

Location: Fitting it Into the Marketing Mix

18 May 2012

On the second day of SAScon one of the sessions I definitely wanted to see was the Location panel. Chaired by Dom Hodgson from Emberads with a panel consisting...

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Five ‘golden beauties’ from SASCON 2011

3 June 2011

Time flies, it has already been two weeks since SASCON ‘rapped things up‘. But the conference has left us with some good things to think about. The organization has...

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Presentations from SASCON 2011 and a special Rap Up

23 May 2011

Last week was a week filled with conferences. After SMX and ISS we went up North in the UK to Manchester and visited SASCON. This conference (Search Analytics Social...

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A summer interview with… Peter Young

24 June 2010

There are many great search-experts out there. We decided we wanted to give some extra attention to some of them. Therefore we will be interviewing some of these experts....

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