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The State of The Search Engines: Google vs Bing vs Yahoo

20 October 2011

There were days in which we could actually talk about a “War on Search Engines”. Google was fighting the likes of Yahoo, Altavista, MSN and even Ask for the...

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An Imminent Revolution in Search

12 October 2011

This is going to be a slightly incoherent rant about the changing world of search, as I’m currently quite jetlagged and doped up to my eyeballs with drugs to...

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Search engine wars – Is the empire striking back

28 September 2011

I have done a couple of these search engine market share analysis pieces on my blog over the years, and for much of that time Google has ruled the...

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Can Enterprise Search Engines Become Successful in Online Search?

27 June 2011

And now for something completely different. It is not something we talk about often here on State of Search, enterprise search. It after all is a whole different ball...

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Why didn’t the Google Mayday Update Affect Job Boards

17 June 2010

First a confession, I’ve not really seen the ‘Mayday Update’ have an impact on any of our clients. That’s not me show boating, I checked all our clients over...

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Google Local Business Listings – Will it ever be fixed?

23 April 2010

If you “follow me” and read my blogposts (rants) you might have noticed I seem to have gotten myself into a “ranting niche” with Google Local Business Listings, and...

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