What is SEO (part 2)

It is common to hear that SEO is living an evolving phase. It is true.
However it is also true that SEOs, instead, are living a confused phase. SEO as Inbound or Content Marketing or both or not being SEO anymore.
In this post Gianluca Fiorelli will try to clarify the nature of SEO describing what it is making it unique, starting from its very metrics.

State of Yandex SEO May 2015: An Interview with Alexander Sadovsky

An interview with Yandex’s head of search, Alexander Sadovsky, a week after Minusinsk, the latest Yandex ranking algorithm, officially went into effect on May 15, 2015. The interview covers the way the Yandex algorithm classifies and addresses links in the latest update. A review of Minusinsk’s results after week one covers how websites were impacted.

The Third Pillar of SEO: Authority

After Technology and Relevance the third pillar of SEO is about Authority, i.e. links and mentions. In this article Barry Adams talks about your website’s ability to earn new links with great content and social media integrations.