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Articles around SERPS


More Social Elements in Google Search: Twitter not Facebook is the direction

18 February 2011

Google is taking it step by step, a very different way than we are used to in this digital era, but slowly but surely Google’s social face is becoming...

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Google censoring torrent sites like BitTorrent and Rapidshare

27 January 2011

It’s a fine line between freedom on the web and piracy when it comes to torrents. The little files help exchange movies, music, software and much more. Sometimes it...

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Battle of the World Cup SERPs

14 June 2010

The World Cup, the biggest sports event on the planet, is underway! And because I’ve always wanted to do a sports-themed blog post, I’ve compared the “world cup” SERPs...

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A4U Expo presentations: from linkbuilding to Universal Search

19 May 2010

The last two days Munich was filled with a lot of great content. The south German city was the host of this years A4UExpo Europe. The show was once...

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Brand SEO: Tips for building equity off-site

13 April 2010

We’ve all heard how important it is to “own your page one” and “lock out your brand SERP” and suchlike. I am a big believer in brand SEO myself,...

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The value of keyword rankings

6 April 2010

Time to tackle another trend in SEO that may not necessarily be accurate: There’s an increasingly negative attitude towards keyword rankings as viable metrics of SEO success. I’m going...

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Google helps non-optimised sites, enhances title tags in SERPs

31 March 2010

Dennis Sievers (@resiever), a top SEO specialist in the Netherlands and a fellow blogger, alerted me via twitter to a phenomenon I hadn’t previously encountered: apparently Google is tweaking...

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Step away from your site, I dare you

29 March 2010

Not to long ago Search Engine Optimization was all about optimizing your site. Things have changed. Of course optimizing your pages is still important, important to get your own...

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SEO and the Multi-layered Search Experience

22 March 2010

There is a pervasive mindset in the internet community that search engines such as Google are an entirely different class of website. Instead of a destination in and of...

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Is Search evolving into Online Anthropology?

5 February 2010

This post was originally posted by Lisa Myers on Searchcowboys I’m fascinated by search marketing, both paid and organic and I think most search marketers can agree that search...

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