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Articles around small business

business baby

SEO Basics for Small Business

4 October 2016

Small businesses should not ignore SEO. In this post Paul Hunter outlines five key areas to consider when starting an SEO campaign for your small business.

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Juggling balls image

How Many Clients is Too Many? A Look at the Industry

24 May 2016

“Can you believe it?” my friend – a fellow SEO – asked me, referring to an SEO freelancer that we’d just spoken to at an event. “He’s currently juggling...

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Blind Justice

SEO and Civil Law: Protecting Yourself from Unfortunate Client Disputes

5 January 2016

Did you ever get into a fight with a client? Who wouldn't pay or something similar? It's a big hassle. Steve Morgan went through it and shares his experience...

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How the search teenager faces the incomprehension of good old SMB’s

22 October 2015

15 years after the arrival of search, how online savvy are British businesses? Cedric Chambaz talks us through some interesting survey findings that uncover the adoption and feelings towards...

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Top Entrepreneur Books

4 Must Read Books to Make You a Better Entrepreneur

10 June 2014

Having recently started my own company, I share 4 books I consider absolutely vital for those contemplating doing it themselves. See my recommendations now.

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square mobile payment solutions

Top 3 Mobile Payment Solutions

16 April 2014

With card fees being so high, many are looking for an alternate solution. Mobile payments is one. In this article we explore 3 of the most popular options.

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Yahoo Offering Small Businesses a Marketing Dashboard

9 May 2012

Yahoo gets into local with "Yahoo! Marketing Dashboard", a tool which will show you how your local online marketing is doing.

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Small Business and Social Media

5 March 2012

Small businesses are very suited for Social Media use, but a lot of them are taking the wrong direction. This infographic leads the way.

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