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Articles around Social Media


Friday Talk: Olivier Blanchard on Social Business: The Next Decade

17 February 2012

Olivier Blanchard is what one would call a “Social Media Guru”. Blanchard wrote several books, amongst which “Social Media ROI”. Earlier this month he talked in Amsterdam about the...

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Google SERP Twitter Talk – Boring the Pants off the Normal Man

16 February 2012

Sometimes SEO's get lost in the things they say. Others don't understand what we are talking about. Peter Handley shows us.

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What Is Pinterest And Why Should Marketers Care?

15 February 2012

Pinterest. If you have been on the internet for more than 10 minutes in the past 6 months you can’t have failed to notice the hype surrounding it. I’ve...

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Having “Fans” Does Not Mean Engagement: Only 1% of Fans Engage

14 February 2012

Social Media is a weird science, if you can call it a science at all. In essence it is very close to what we as human beings have always...

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How to Get More Twitter Followers From Your Existing Channels

13 February 2012

As a brand you finally decided to start with Twitter, you formulated a good strategy but now you have to wait to get your target audience to start following...

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Everything You Need to Know About the Facebook IPO

3 February 2012

So Facebook is going public. But what does that mean? Is it a big deal? And if so, how big a deal, what for example is the perspective towards...

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The Unofficial URL Shortener Etiquette

31 January 2012

Since I set up my own URL shortener ( and one for my company (, I’ve been thinking a lot about what the proper use of short URLs is....

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"Building a foundation"

How Building your Social Connections is like Link Building

16 January 2012

When you’re active on social media you need to have a network of people that are following you. A large, qualitative network that represents your target audience can be...

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What Mattered in 2011 for Social Media-intro

What Mattered in 2011 for Social Media

9 January 2012

Yes, we know infographics are so 2011. In 2012 we won’t be seeing as much of them anymore, right? Well, maybe, but they still seem to be very popular....

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How Well Do You Know Your Friends? Facebook Chat Function Will Show You and Facebook

6 January 2012

Facebook is making things convenient and fun for us. That is why their new Facebook Chat functionality will probably gain some popularity soon. After all, its fun. You can...

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