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Social Gaming – The Next Web Economy

Nichola Stott interviews Oliver Lo of Vojo World – creators of Medical Mayhem, Vice Central and Pixie Pets. Oliver is Senior Marketing Manager at Vojo World. In that role he oversees brand positioning, viral marketing and monetization strategy for their social gaming products

Step away from your site, I dare you

Not to long ago Search Engine Optimization was all about optimizing your site. Things have changed. Of course optimizing your pages is still important, important to get your own site ranking. But what about those nine other results on the first page of the SERP? They are interesting too. And theoretically they can all be yours. And for that you have to step away from your site.

Social networking it’s just a matter of connecting the dots

Everyone wants a slice of the social pie. While the classic social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter keep developing by adding new functionality, other companies are trying to create their own social networks. But building a valuable social network takes an enormous amount of time, or does it?