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Articles around Social Media

Migrate Social Followers - State of Digital

Stop Paying Facebook – Migrate Your Social Fans into CRM

8 May 2014

Migrating your Facebook fans into your database, so you can target them with more relevant offers and content and lower your Facebook advertising costs.

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social media and link building

Social Media & Link Building Strategies for Small Businesses

6 May 2014

5 easy steps to sync your social media marketing & link building into one approach - perfect for small businesses with limited resources.

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Be Selective

Key Considerations for International Social Media

24 April 2014

International Social Media campaigns can bring many benefits to a global business, if they are managed properly. There are some basic principles you can follow to ensure all your...

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Choosing a Social Media Platform: How to Find the Most Effective

18 April 2014

Choosing a Social Media Channel is not always easy. There are so many to choose from! Which one is the most effective for your business?

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Twitter Role Models to Learn From

15 April 2014

Brands use Twitter for different purposes. Here are examples of brands using Twitter succesfully with different angles.

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Change in Facebook Ads - State of Digital

Facebook Changing their Ads – Could this Lead to Higher Engagement and Ad Spend?

11 April 2014

Facebook have rolled out new sidebar ads this week (April 2014), which could mean higher click through rates and engagement for social advertising.

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Tips for Running Promotions on Facebook

10 April 2014

Some things social media managers need to consider and be aware of when putting their next promotion together, to ensure that you a) don’t break the law and that...

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visual digital marketing

The Online Importance of an Image in Digital Marketing

8 April 2014

Images and Video are a fantastic way of getting your brand recognised online. Sarah Bradley for State of Digital explores what's out there and how to use it

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Heineken ‘Social Networking Since 1873′ #RIMC14

28 March 2014

Paul Tholen - Head of Social Media for Heineken Netherlands talks about how NNL’s brands have flourished through both conversation and ‘social by design’.

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Social Customer Service

The Instant Feedback Dilemma – Why Social Customer Service Is a Double-Edged Sword

20 March 2014

Social customer service has exploded over the last few years... some get it right, some get it horrendously wrong. Matt Beswick dives in deep.

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