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Articles around Social Media

Hand showing a phone concept with a bulb on blue background

Harnessing the power of Social Media

16 June 2015

It can be hard to get social media working for your business. Laura Crimmons showcases several campaigns that have harnassed the power of social media effectively, and concludes with...

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digital jersey

Social Media – The Future of Voting?

11 May 2015

As social media grows in our lives so does its influence. Arianne Donoghue talks about what could be final frontier - using social to vote. How has it been...

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The Third Pillar of SEO: Authority

27 April 2015

After Technology and Relevance the third pillar of SEO is about Authority, i.e. links and mentions. In this article Barry Adams talks about your website's ability to earn new...

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Biggest Social Media Updates of 2015 To Date

3 March 2015

2015 is barely two months old and already the major social media platforms are making all kinds updates. Laura Crimmons lists what's been changed so far.

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6 Brands that are killing it on Instagram - State of Digital

These 6 brands are killing it on Instagram and here’s why.

18 February 2015

Instagram is hot – there's no denying it. This relatively new social network has taken all picture snapping lovers by storm. Here are 6 brands that are absolutely winning...

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Greenwich London

7 Lessons Learned From 7 Years in SEO

17 February 2015

The search industry moves very quickly - many things change but much stays the same too. Jo Turnbull tells about her 7 years in SEO and what she's learned.

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SOD Instagram featured image

4 Marketing Tactics Brands Should be Using on Instagram

27 January 2015

With over 30M monthly active users and 70M photos shared daily, Instagram represents a big opportunity for marketers, here we look at which tactics you can leverage for success.

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Instagram: a Beginner’s Walkthrough

20 January 2015

Are you on Instagram? If not, why? Join Claire Thompson as she discovers Instagram with a fresh perspective and walks through its various uses and features.

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Best of 2014: No 7: What I Learned About Content Marketing in 2014

6 January 2015

Jonathan shares lessons he learnt about Content marketing learnings from Eddy Moretti: Vice, Jonah Peretti: BuzzFeed & Marc Lefton: DiMassimo Goldstein at NewsCred’s 'Content Marketing Summit 2014'.

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2014 Holiday Social Marketing Trends

14 November 2014

A look at how marketing budgets are spent and plans are made around the holiday season on Social Media. No surprise here: there is a LOT going on.

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