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Articles around Social Media

Facebook and Call Tracking sitting in a tree..

Can You Use Call Tracking in your Social Media Marketing?

11 March 2014

Can you use Call Tracking effectively in your social media marketing? Sarah Bradley for State of Digital gives some hints and tips.

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‘Different’ Non-Commercial Ways of Using Social Media

10 March 2014

Social Media can be used in many ways, not just for marketing purposes. And marketers can learn a lot from the non-commercial ways of using Social Media.

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Social Media and Customer Service: Not as Easy as it Looks

21 February 2014

For many brands Social Media seems to be the place where they can 'fix' what's wrong with their customer service. It's not as easy as it looks though.

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FB graph visualising friendships

The Psychology of Online Sharing – Psychological Factors & Human Motivations

17 February 2014

In the first post in a series on the psychology of online sharing, Clarissa Sajbl sets the scene with some basic psychology and social media concepts.

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SES London

SES London Day 3 – Driving Business Value with a Social and Content Master Plan #SESLon

14 February 2014

Our coverage of SES London continues with this session from day 3 where Heather Robinson and Bas van den Beld talk about social and content marketing plans.

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what worked 7

Case Study: Can’t afford a website? Build your Brand with Social Media

11 February 2014

Sarah Bradley shares a case study from Receptional where they built a strong brand presence on social media for a shop that could not afford a website.

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SES London Day 1 – Keynote : Running in real time, bringing campaigns to life : Marketing in the Moment #SESLon

11 February 2014

Our coverage of SES London 2014 starts with our write-up of the keynote talk by Twitter's Bruce Daisley on the evolution of the social media message.

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Sharenting – Is It What Your Child Would Want?

7 February 2014

Two thirds of UK babies have been posted on a social media network within one hour of their birth. In this post I’m going to have a look at...

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How to Analyse, Optimise & Automate Multi-Channel ROI Calculations

4 February 2014

Polly Pospelova from Delete shows how to analyse, optimise and automate ROI calculations by creating a universal dashboard to monitor multi-channel CPC.

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Who is the Most Responsive to Social Customer-Service questions?

31 January 2014

What industry and what companies within are responding best to customer care questions on Social Media? Find out here.

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