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Articles around strategy


How to get stakeholders on board with your campaign

4 August 2016

It can be hard to convince stakeholders to do new things or operate in a different way. Get some tips on effective strategies to get buy-in from Hannah Butcher.

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business baby

Marketing to Marketers

16 May 2016

Advising a client on their marketing strategy is a big step from running your own marketing. Here's how to connect with other skeptical marketers.

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Free Killer Tan

What Marketers Can Learn About Capturing Audience Attention From Prank-Style PSAs

11 May 2016

Lisa Lacy goes through how some nonprofits have been delivering their marketing message with shock via prank-style PSAs – and how marketers can broadly learn something from them about...

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Digital PR process, Content

How Content is Changing the Digital PR Process

2 March 2016

Jodie Harris takes a look at how content is flipping the way Digital PR looks at campaign design, the sites that are sold into and even the process, from...

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Linking diagram

Look Within: How Upfront Link Analysis Can Drive Link Building Strategy

13 July 2015

A case study of how upfront link analysis of a client's website helped to steer its link building strategy, based on their previous link earning successes.

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Defining Digital Marketing

7 July 2015

Digital marketing is being defined in many different ways. How can we leverage digital marketing framework to align on the definition and execution of digital?

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Michael Korkia

Global Marketing Strategy: How Hotels.com Approaches Russia

30 June 2015

This informative interview with Michael Korkia, senior marketing manager for Hotels.com, offers great insight for those optimizing foreign language websites and planning their marketing strategies in an international market...

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SOD-Its Service

How to PR non-product brands

15 April 2015

In a dream world, all clients that walk through the door will be established, a leader in their industry and have shed loads of products to PR to authoritative...

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Data driven SEO: getting detailed insights by using Free Tools

9 March 2015

Small or big SEO projects, all will benefit from a structured approach. Build a data dashboard and get insights by using a few free tools, Jan-Willem shows us how.

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The Trends and Predictions for Digital PR in 2015

11 December 2014

Here are the key trends and predictions that every Digital PR needs to consider for the year ahead!

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