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Articles around Streetside


Bing Streetside Goes UK, Germany and France

22 August 2011

I’ve reported on Bing Streetside before. In my view it could potentially even be a better product than Google’s Streetview. But like many of Bing’s products (and many other...

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Microsoft ‘s Photosynth team takes another step: Read / Write World

27 April 2011

Ever since I first saw Blaise Aguera y Arcas present about Photosynth I have been impressed by what Microsoft is doing with the technique. Based on the technique which...

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Bing starts chase: updates on Maps, Local, Mobile, Travel, Image Search and Facebook

16 December 2010

If you live in or near San Francisco you can attend a lot of great conferences, gatherings or press events. One place I would have liked to have been...

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(Bada) Bing has done it again: Street Slide in Bing Maps, amazing

29 July 2010

I’ve spoken before, and expressed my admiration with it, about Bing Maps and what they are doing. The use of Streetside in Bing was a huge step forward for...

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History pin: the extra use of Streetview

8 June 2010

Google Streetview can very well be used for history lessons. Especially with the use of services like History Pin. This is the first of Bas' Bookmarks.

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Forget Google Streetview, here is Bing Streetside: wow!

28 February 2010

IF Google would ever be forced to do something about their Streetview-pictures, there is a very good alternative waiting for you over at Bing. The "new" Bing Maps...

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