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Articles around streetview


Students Create Their own Streetview on Campus

14 January 2013

Students in Wageningen, The Netherlands, created a Streetview version for their campus using 500 cell phones to take pictures.

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Is Google rolling out Google House View Beta?

19 November 2012

Is Google rolling out Houseview which lets you look inside a house..? Or..?

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Euro 2012: Google Streetview Lets You be There

12 June 2012

You can visit all the stadiums of Euro 2012 from behind your computer using Google Streetview. Here's an overview.

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You Can Use Streetview To Travel The World

23 November 2011

It is not a type of video I normally post here, but I thought this one was so special it deserves the spot today. We know Google Streetview, we...

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Google stops all Street View cars in Germany

11 April 2011

Germany was probably one of the countries which was the most difficult towards Google when it comes to Streetview. The Germans just didn’t seem to like the privacy concerns...

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Google gets fined €100,000 for privacy breach in France

21 March 2011

The Associated Press reports that France’s privacy watchdog CNIL has given Google a fine of no less than €100,000 ($141,300) for privacy issues in relation to Streetview. The fine...

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Want to see the German blurred houses unblurred? Use an iPhone

8 November 2010

We can go on and on about Streetview and Google issues so it seems. We reported last week Google got a slap on the wrist in the UK and...

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Google launches its ‘blurred’ Streetview in Germany

3 November 2010

There has been no country which has been so hesitant when it comes to Googles Streetview as Germany. Yes, in the UK there were people chasing Streetview cars, as...

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Don’t like Streetview? “You can move” Eric Schmidt jokes on CNN…

26 October 2010

It is becoming some sort of a running gag. Eric Schmidt showing up in tv shows, at conferences or at press conferences and then trying to be funny. And...

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(Bada) Bing has done it again: Street Slide in Bing Maps, amazing

29 July 2010

I’ve spoken before, and expressed my admiration with it, about Bing Maps and what they are doing. The use of Streetside in Bing was a huge step forward for...

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