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Articles around targeting


Study: Demographic Targeting on Facebook

27 September 2012

This study looks at the difference between male and female targeting on Facebook. More women use Facebook but Men click more and drive cheaper traffic.

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Google Spy

Google’s “racial profiling” issue hints at invasive ad targeting

5 September 2012

Google is accused of using racial profiling in Gmail's ad targeting. With access to so much data, Google is likely to know a lot more than just your race.

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Facebook Getting Marketers To Be Much More Targeted?

29 August 2012

Facebook rolls out new features which can help marketers target their audience better. But will marketers actually use it and take a step forward?

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How Different Age Groups Are Interacting Online (infographic)

29 July 2011

Targeting. It is the word of this decade so far. We want to know exactly what our target audience is doing and how we can act on that. For...

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SES NY 2011: Crossing the Digital Divide

23 March 2011

So after much drama (all of my own making) and of course lots of fun and socializing over the last couple of days, I’m finally blogging a SES session...

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