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Articles around Technical SEO

Janet Driscoll Miller Search Mojo

SMX East: Technical SEO Track – Schema.org, Rel=Author & Meta Tagging For 2012

16 September 2011

Coverage of SMX New York 2011 is provided by our guest author Jackie Hole. The second technical SEO session of the day in the Advanced Track was hosted by:...

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SMX East: Duplication, Aggregation, Syndication, Affiliates, Scraping & Information Architecture

16 September 2011

Coverage of SMX New York 2011 is provided by our guest author Jackie Hole. Hardcore session from the ‘Technical SEO’ Track. With so much to cover in one session,...

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8 Development Mistakes to avoid when migrating a website

15 September 2011

There always tends to be a little bit of an “us vs them” attitude between SEOs and developers. A lot of developers think SEOs = spammers and a great...

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Why you should keep your robots.txt clean!

31 August 2011

There is one thing I see happening over and over again: Cutting out inbound link-juice by miss-using robots.txt directives. So what does it mean: Well simply put it means...

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Matt Cutts: there is no limit to direct 301 redirects, there is on chains

10 August 2011

Google has done many webmasterhelpvideos, some of which were published also here on State of Search. They now decided to extend these videos more into tutorials. Which simply means...

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Three .htaccess tips that can help your SEO

29 July 2011

A lot of times when you deal with SEO issues, these are related to URL structure, URL patterns and / or URL parameters being used. Since I’m currently doing...

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Upgrading a website shouldn’t affect your SEO traffic

21 July 2011

One of the key misconceptions from website owners’ is that a website re-launch will cause a temporary, or permanent, drop in SEO traffic as the search engines switch to...

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Webmaster Tools Metrics That Matter

15 July 2011

Google Webmaster Tools, or Webmaster Central, is to be considered on of the more useful tools in the SEO toolkit that google is providing. Some of its features include...

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The Future of SEO

9 June 2011

Today I want to walk you through and talk you through some of the interesting conversations that emerged from a panel comprised almost entirely of State of Search bloggers...

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What’s Really Important for Technical SEO? – SMX London

16 May 2011

As the last format seemed to work quite well I’m going to focus on just the top tips today. We’ve got Rich Baxter from SEOgadget, Martijn Beijk of Onetomarket...

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