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Articles around travel

Michael Korkia

Global Marketing Strategy: How Hotels.com Approaches Russia

30 June 2015

This informative interview with Michael Korkia, senior marketing manager for Hotels.com, offers great insight for those optimizing foreign language websites and planning their marketing strategies in an international market...

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Paying for links - everybody does it, right?

From Travel to Training via Some Dodgy Links

17 March 2015

The lines between good PR and paid link inclusions are often blurred. Claire Thompson explores the issue and provides some insights for journalists, PR and SEO professionals to keep...

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Friday Infographic: Digital Marketing Trends for Hotels in 2014

6 June 2014

What are the trends to watch out for in hotel marketing in 2014? An overview. Learn from the travel industry.

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Travel 360 Banner 5

The State of Travel – The Experts Speak: MSN Travel

17 March 2014

Martin MacDonald, John Straw, Mike McDougall, Rob Cowen and Gian Caprini share their thoughts on the travel sector and discuss topics such as cutting edge online marketing methodology and...

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Tips for International Business Travelers

16 Tips for Successful International Business Travel

25 February 2014

Do you travel for business? Take a look at these 16 tips for a successful business travel Aleyda has compiled after going to 9 countries in the last year!

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Travel 360 Front Cover 600px

Travel 360: A Unique Perspective on the Online Travel Industry for 2014

3 February 2014

State of Digital and Linkdex provide you with a 360 look on the Travel industry. A unique free e-book with all the insider strategies and insights

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Google Maps: Turn By Turn Directions, Voice Searches and An Infographic

20 September 2012

Google Maps: Turn by Turn Directions, Voice Searches, Bike Maps, Transit & an Infographic

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Travel Sites Missing Opportunities With Images and Video

25 June 2012

Travel sites are not using video and images enough to get more visible in search engines. An overview of the research performed in the UK

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