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Google Algo Update Improves Diversity of Results

17 September 2012

Google algo update improves the diversity of results in terms of domains returned.

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Google Search Algorithm Updates 2002-2011 (infographic)

19 August 2011

Google’s updates always make sure we have a lot to discuss, with the recent Panda update off course being one of the most discussed updates. But in fact we...

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panda in the wild

Google’s Panda Update Rolls Out World Wide

12 August 2011

With a small blogpost Amit Singhal has announced that the much discussed Panda Update is now being rolled out World Wide, with the exception of the Chinese, Japanese, and...

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Did Google’s algorithm change misfire? Mahalo fires 10% of staff

2 March 2011

There have been written many stories about Google’s most recent algorithm update. The update, which was named “Farmer update” by Searchengineland was supposedly aimed at content farms, websites which...

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Google letting you check available rooms in Maps?

12 January 2011

It seems as if Google is making some more changes to Google Maps at the moment. Either that or I haven’t been paying attention lately ;). I noticed two...

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