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Essentials For A New Website

28 January 2014

New websites launch daily which lack some basics that could mean the difference between success and failure. Neil Walker provides website essential tips.

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Relaunching Websites (no SEO Tips)

24 July 2012

The question should be, is it really your customers who need a new website or is it just you wanting something new and shiny?

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What Website Owners can Learn From Gordon Ramsay

14 February 2012

Who doesn’t know British chef Gordon Ramsay. He is well-known around the world, mostly because of his swearing in the kitchen, but also because he has set up many...

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Should You Build a Website? And If So, How?

8 February 2012

Last year in a panel I got the question whether or not in five years ‘websites’ would disappear and everybody would be using Social Media pages. I thought that...

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Upgrading a website shouldn’t affect your SEO traffic

21 July 2011

One of the key misconceptions from website owners’ is that a website re-launch will cause a temporary, or permanent, drop in SEO traffic as the search engines switch to...

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SEO for Web Developers

4 May 2010

I’m due to give a talk at one of those surprisingly fun crowdsourced unconferences – BarCamp Belfast. My talk will be about what web developers can do to ensure...

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The future of publishing, or is it?

29 March 2010

Last week the Times announced that in June readers will have to start paying for content. Is this the start of a new era in publishing? It might be....

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State of Search launches: get more insight in the world of search

16 February 2010

Hi and welcome at! Today at SES London we launch a new website which aims on giving more insight into the world of search and social media:

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