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The 10 commandments of Linkbuilding (infographic)

23 May 2011 BY

Linkbuilding, it keeps on being one of the major parts of the SEO business. Getting links in is regarded as the best way of doing optimisation according to many. And there are many ways of building these links. I’ve discussed before what linkbuilders should and should not do when addressing bloggers for example.

You can make many rules on how to do linkbuilding. And so has done this blog, which has made the “10 commandments of Linkbuilding“. Now, whether they are correct you might be able to disagree on. But it is a nice attempt to make things visible.

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Bas van den Beld is a speaker, trainer and online marketing strategist. Bas is the founder of -- You can hire Bas to speak, train or consult.
  • Jess

    Great infographic- thanks. I’ve always wondered about the importance of concentrating on getting links from a variety of domains- it seeming common sense to me.

  • eddie

    it is Neither original nor funny. Already seen. Guys at Klikki I’m sure you can make better viral stuff

  • Erol

    Great! I will put it on our Office-Wall! Thanks a lot! :)

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  • Chotrul SEO

    This is really nicely done – favouring quality over quantify is my watchword …. I’d have put that right at the top!

  • Dan Alderson

    This is great, really useful for new starters to remind them or teach them the basics of what to look out for when link building.

    • Caroline Bell

      Agreed. Excellent information for newbies. I have learn’t one thing though from this infographic. Whilst they look good online, the long ones are hard to share in print form. Definately something I’ll be keeping in mind for future graphic creation.

  • John Hoff

    Nice list. I love the format and creativity. And yeah, linking out to a number of bad sites can start hurting your own site. I know first hand.

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