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The Four Faces of Linkbuilding

24 January 2012 BY

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I always say linkbuilding is a profession of its own. It is hard work which not every SEO can do. And even with all the changes Google is making links will continue to play an important role in optimizing your website.

But even if you are not an expert, linkbuilding is still something you can start off doing. And if you do it is always nice to ‘get some help’. Maybe this infographic will help a little.



Bas van den Beld is a speaker, trainer and online marketing strategist. Bas is the founder of -- You can hire Bas to speak, train or consult.
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  • Shelli

    Thank you for sharing my work, much appreciated! Please credit me as the source:

    Infographics @ShellShock UK

    ShellShockuk : )

    • Bas van den Beld

      Hi! we already did that at the bottom! Great work!

  • Spam Hendriks

    This info graphic is a really good illustration, but despite that fact this is far from true. A link builder is a man who does a job. He builds links. Now to be efficient and effective you have to build links fast. So all of those faculties Shelli respectfully mentioned are just shy off fiction. A Link builder needs 4 things.

    3.Anchor text
    4. How many back links

    She forgot to draw pictures of SE NUKE or X Rumer, or various other third party link building sites. This image is a washed down version of events in a real Link builder world.

    Thats, my HO.

    Spam Hendriks

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  • effective seo

     Link building becomes even more crucial when you are a beginner in the online business, making it necessary for you to have as many visitor counts as possible.To increase the visitor count one of the best options you have is to have a high rank in the search engines’ results. If you are at the top in the rankings then you have the opportunity to get your website in the first page, increasing the probability of visitors.

  • Ed Yates

    I’m definitely the middle 2 characters combined here!

  • Douglas Mathers

    Truth be told, you have to have a very open mind and willing to adapt to whatever environment Google creates from month to month. This is a great snapshot at what it takes to think in and out of the box. Good post Bas!

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