The SEO Audit Checklist: Do It Yourself in Twenty Minutes?

It is one of the most popular sessions on every conference it is being done: the site clinics. In these sessions sites from people in the audience get ‘ripped apart’ to see what they could do to improve their rankings. And it is something many SEO companies do: a quick SEO audit to see how things stand and where changes should be made.

This infographic suggests you could do that yourself. But could you..? Yes, partly you could, at least the first part. And you should, because you should look at your site with that view regularly. And then get the expert in there to do the rest. But will this checklist fo the trick? Not entirely, but its a start.


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Bas van den Beld

About Bas van den Beld

Bas van den Beld is an award winning Digital Marketing consultant, trainer and speaker. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies.