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16 Tips for Successful International Business Travel

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After having visited 9 countries only in the last year, mainly for business reasons (to speak at online marketing conferences about SEO), I’ve learned a few things that have helped me to be better prepared in a new foreign city and have a much better travel experience.

I’ve listed these lessons, converted them into tips and made a presentation with them so you can also take them into consideration in your future travels and hopefully help you enjoy of a successful international business travel:

Here you also have a checklist with these tips to make sure you don’t forget about them next time you travel:

International Business Travel Tips

You can additionally download from here a bigger version of the checklist that you can print.

Which other tips are also useful for you when travelling for business abroad? I look forward to learn about them in the comments.

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Experienced International SEO Consultant -service that she provides through her company Orainti. She’s a frequent SEO speaker at international conferences & blogger.
  • Awesome infographic Aleyda! Every tip here is great information for a new business traveler. I was hoping there would be information on keeping in touch with your clients after leaving the country. I recently left Ghana with 2 clients and although we use Skype to keep in touch, it does not always work for us. They would rather talk on the phone. I looked at services like Magic Jack, and found that https://www.joinvip.com/services give me better rates and their customer service is outstanding. International calling was new to me and new for my business but it definitely has helped a lot.