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Tool: Downloading Your Tweets with TweetDownload

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It is about time again we highlighted a tool on State of Search. Today we will be looking at a brand new one: TweetDownload. Have you ever had the urge to look back into a twitter conversation and then noted that it wasn’t that easy to do? For starters you have to “read backwards” on Twitter to understand the conversation. And on top of that Twitter only goes back four days.

Things might just get better soon with the launch of “Tweet Download”, a third-party service which lets you back up your Twitter account including tweets, DMs, followers, friends, favorites and the entire conversation.

There are more services who let you download tweets, but TweetDownload.Net enables you to download up to 3,200 of your tweets or 800 tweets + up to 800 replies/mentions, creating a personal archive of data which you can store for safe-keeping and future reference.

The service, which can be set up to automatically download your twitter traffic; tweets and replies at scheduled times can be downloaded to your laptop, so you can retain the data forever, without the worry of other similar types of services being monterarised or closed down and your data lost forever.

Kate Craig-Wood, MD of Memset who came up for the idea behind TweetDownload.Net told State of Search:

“I wanted to download my public account tweets and others’ replies to my laptop for future reference, since I have a lot of valuable conversations there, but could not find anything suitable, so we built TweetDownload. Now I can download my tweets and replies to my own laptop without relying on third party storage,”

A second tool they launched is TweetDelete, which automatically deletes tweets from your account. It is an automated service and runs on your account daily. Once you’ve activated TweetDelete, it will check your account every day for new tweets that have become older than the age you specified and it will delete them for you.

With Social Media and Twitter becoming mainstream these tools, especially TweetDownload can be very useful for marketers and SEOs. It could for example help figure out what your target audience really wants or it can even be very useful for keyword research. What do you think?

Disclaimer: State of Search is not related to any of the tools we describe on State of Search. If a tool is advertising we will make sure you know they are advertising and therefore getting attention.

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Bas van den Beld is a speaker, trainer and online marketing strategist. Bas is the founder of Stateofdigital.com. -- You can hire Bas to speak, train or consult.
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  • http://www.profiletree.com/ ProfileTree

    Great share – was trying to keep a record of our tweets – for a few reasons – surprised Twitter does not make it easier for each account to download this info.  Pity it only goes by 3,200 tweets (rule by Twitter) – but using this system twice a year will save all we need. Thanks again!