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What would you ask Bing’s boss Stefan Weitz?

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The State of Search Radioshow is becoming more popular every week. And not just with the listeners, also with the guests. They are lining up to be part of the show which airs every Tuesday on Webmasterradio.

Last week the show had Danny Sullivan on as a guest and this week there is another great name we can add to our impressive list of guests: Stefan Weitz of Bing.

Stefan Weitz is the director of Bing. He is the person if you want to know anything about Bing. So we’ll be asking him everything we possibly can about Bing’s strategy, when they will be coming to Europe, their copying skills and the difference between them and their competitors.

You can off course as ever join us in the chatroom to pop questions yourself. The show starts at 8pm in Europe, 7 in the UK, in the US at 2pm on the East Coast and 11am on the West Coast.

But we’d love to hear some questions you have for Bing’s director already beforehand so we can ask them in the show tonight. There must be a question you’ve always wanted to ask Bing’s big boss. Drop the questions in the comments and we’ll try to get an answer tonight!

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Bas van den Beld is a speaker, trainer and online marketing strategist. Bas is the founder of Stateofdigital.com. -- You can hire Bas to speak, train or consult.
  • http://www.greatwebsitesblog.com Barry Adams

    Let’s not ask the obvious question – Bas & Roy will probably do that already – so let’s go for some other ones:

    – What are Bing doing to improve their organic SERPs? The quality of their results have been rather weak on the whole, and while progress is being made there Bing still has far to go before it can be a viable replacement for Google for day to day searching.

    – Are Bing going to go down the hyperlocal/personalised route that Google is going down?

    – Can we look forward to any more exciting partnerships as with Wolfram/Alpha and Facebook?

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  • http://www.themediaflow.com Nichola Stott

    I’m sure you guys have this on the list but just to be certain,..

    what are Bing doing to drive market share in the UK? What are the UK search market share predictions post end of Q1 2011 and is the search alliance still on plan for completion by end of Q1 in this market?

  • http://trafficcoleman.com/ TrafficColeman

    I will ask him can we go back to the early 2000’s when ranking was more easier..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • http://www.internetadvantage.nl Lennert

    Answering this question : Europe Needs Bing, But Does Bing Need Europe? as written by SEL before. When will Bing come to Europe showing serious results in the SERP´s?

  • Frank

    I would love to hear his take on IBM Watson playing Jeopardy http://bit.ly/e8svKi – and how far along search engines are in understanding questions / context / and replying to this humanlike interaction.

  • http://www.distilledconsulting.com Kate Morris

    I’d love to know when Bing is going to offer their own analytics. :)

  • http://www.mesrianilaw.com Mesrianilaw

    Will there be a possibility that Bing dominates Google?