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What’s Next for Google Analytics?

13 November 2012 BY

We do a lot of conference blogging as you might know. We usually do write ups of sessions. But Brian Clifton found a different way of covering a conference, via an infographic, which you can find below.

What’s even more interesting than the format is the content, because Brian looks at the future of Google Analytics through the eyes of the GA Summit in Mountain View this month. And Brian, who worked with Google on Google Analytics knows what’s important and what’s not. Universal Analytics, Online & Offline tracking, Attribution modelling, data import and the user interface are topics that come by.

via Brian Clifton


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  • Jens Buch

    This is game-changing and a no-brainer for anyone to implement, yet to get ‘traditional’ SMEs (which are the majority of my clients) to buy into this will require quite some work.

  • Per Pettersson

    A nice infographic by Brian and Per Axbom. Brian always keeps us up to date with the development of Google Analytics.

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