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“Zip Open” Google Today in Honor of Gideon Sundback

24 April 2012 BY

We usually don’t pay that much attention to the Google Doodles here on State of Search. There is nothing much to learn from them after all ;). But in some cases you have to make an exception because they are simply that brilliant. Today is one of those days.

Google today is celebrating the the birthday of the zip’s inventor Gideon Sundback. If you go to Google you can ‘zip open’ the Google homepage which will then show results for the search on Gideon Sundback. You can let the zipper run down the centre of the page with your mouse. Once you let go the page opens.

A really nice one Google!


Bas van den Beld is a speaker, trainer and online marketing strategist. Bas is the founder of -- You can hire Bas to speak, train or consult.

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