10 Slide decks From A4U Expo London 2011

10 Slide decks From A4U Expo London 2011

20th October 2011

The two days at A4U Expo London 2011 were filled with videos, interviews, people networking and much more. But one of the most important parts of the conference off course were the sessions.

We’ve reported on the sessions extensively. Sometimes it is enough to read about it, sometimes you want to know a little bit more. Therefore we have collected some of the available slide decks from A4U Expo London 2011. Find below the presentations from Kelvin Newman, Kevin Gibbons, David Sottimano, Lee Griffin, Kevin Edwards, Sam Crocker, Stephen Pavlovich, Martijn Beijk and Patrick Altoft (in random order)

Kelvin Newman: 5 Tricks Our Minds Play On Us – And How to Take Advantage of Them

Kevin Gibbons: The 4 Hour Affiliate Week

David Sottimano: Proactive competitor analysis

Lee Griffin: Maximising Facebook ROI

Kevin Edwards: Mobile and M-Commerce. The complete picture

Sam Crocker: How to discover, distract and destroy

Stephen Pavlovich: Persuasion – three sure fire psychological tactics to boost your sales

Martijn Beijk: Internet sleuthing: Gathering the intelligence required to beat the competition

Patrick Altoft: How to do SEO like a super affiliate

Kelvin Newman: How to do back link analysing properly

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