15 Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers and 10 Essential Tools

This post was originally published on March 31 2010, but still has the value and has therefore been moved up. At the end of the post you will find more updated content as an extra on this post.

Admit it, size matters. Your Twitter followers have become as big a question as “What’s your number?” People look at your followers and make judgements, it’s only natural. So what can you do to increase your volume of Twitter followers?

There are many ideas out there, and I am sure you have seen your fair share of ‘Top Twitter Tools’ posts, but I have realised there is a need to bring these together and really explore how these tools can help. So, let’s focus on 10 ideas to increase your Twitter followers and the tools that can help you.

1.    Target Power Tweeters

Begin to target well respected and widely known figures within your industry through your tweets. Grabbing the attention of these figures and developing relationships with them can dramatically effect how many people become aware of your profile and if they like what you say (which of course they will…) and see you talking to people they follow, they will follow you.

2.    Utilise Good Karma

Create a list of power tweeters who you want to follow you. Select one a week to monitor and listen to what they have to say, and then be as helpful as you can. It is similar to whoring yourself but the rewards can justify your self loathing and the dirty feeling you have afterwards.

Tweet Deck allows you to create and manage Twitter lists. You can easily create a list of people who you want to monitor that week in order to reply to any cries for help – http://www.tweetdeck.com

3.    Tweet During Rush Hour

Ok, well not literally rush hour, but throughout peak times. Studies show that top Twitter activity usually takes place between 10:00 and 16:00pm. Tweeting during those hours will mean you greater visibility on your feed. However, the most active hour for people engaging in the twittersphere is between 1pm and 2pm every day, so put down your sandwich and think of something interesting to say…. and no not about what sandwich filling you have gone for today.

Twaitter is a very useful tool for scheduling tweets. This will allow you to send informative tweets throughout the day, every day without having to worry – http://www.twaitter.com

4.    Follow Other People on Twitter

Yes you did read that right, following other people can lead to you gaining more followers. Following other people within your industry lets them know you exist and gives you a platform for them to hear your voice. It increases your exposure and if people like what you say then will follow. Similar to the Hollywood catchphrase “if you build it they will come”, “if you say it right they will follow.”

5.    Interact with your Followers on Twitter

Twitter is a social tool so you need to be social. Status updates are good but interaction between people will have a greater effect.

Tweet Beep is a very effective tool that sends you alerts for a range of specified keywords. This will ensure you never miss an opportunity to join or reply to a conversation – http://tweetbeep.com/

6.    Be a Resource on Twitter

If you really want people to follow and continue following you, make it impossible for them to leave by providing them with high quality and interesting updates. This can be via linking out to an informative article or by giving a thoughtful opinion in a wider discussion.

Twit Doc allows you to upload a document, image or video and share it across Twitter – http://www.twitdoc.com/

7.    Follow other People with the same Interest

By following other people it lets them know you are online and it can initiate conversations. If you can begin to communicate with users who have a large following it will build up brand or (personal awareness) and their followers will start to follow you.

Twitterrel allows you to find people who have a similar interest as you – http://www.twitterel.com

8.    Make people Aware

Put links to your Twitter profile everywhere. Link it on your blog, Facebook Fan Page, email signature, and everywhere else you have a presence online.

Selective Twitter Status will sync your tweet with your Facebook page every time you add #fb to the end of a tweet; this is handy for choosing which tweets show up in your Facebook status updates and a very useful application if you want to tweet away from the office on an iPhone or BlackBerry app – http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=115463795461&ref=appd

9.    Utilise the Twitter Hash Tags

Utilise the #hash tag. Some people search twitter through categories, so if you tweet about  ‘fashion advice’ use the hashtag #fashionadvice.  If others enjoy similar content in which you have posted on they might follow you for more updates or even a conversation.

Twit Scoop displays in real-time the words which are buzzing right now on twitter so take advantage and utilise the hash key for relevant trending topics – http://www.twitscoop.com/

For all those literals out there, although building the number of followers has become one of the more important factors of having a twitter account, another point to consider is then getting those followers to promote your tweets and spread your voice. Your followers then become influencers, by retweeting the information you provide you are seen as an authority voice.

10.    Florence, whose got the Love?

It is not just how many followers you have that matters, it’s how many times you get retweeted.  Retweeting is often more powerful as it acts as an accreditation by other users, who are in turn recommending the tweet to their followers. For a visualisation imagine wild fire.

One more way you can increase your Twitter followers is to make it to always make it easy for people to follow you. If you have to make people work and think about it, they most likely won’t. Which is why if you like this post you should follow me here: Sam Murray Twitter Profile

This post was originally published on March 31 2010, but still has the value and has therefore been moved up. Below you find more updated content as an extra on this post. 

And here are five more…

The above mentioned ways are probably the best ways to gain more followers. There are however many more different other ways to get more followers. Here are a few to consider:

Unfollow who you don’t need to follow: One of the most used methods for ‘spammers’ is the ‘follow – unfollow game’, which means they follow a user, hoping they will follow back. In 50% of the cases they do. The spammers then unfollow them again. This is not a way to get high quality followers however. What you could learn from this however is to unfollow those that are not following you if they don’t have too much interest in them. It will help keep your account clean.

Look to follow people who retweet. Another one which can be helpful but is going to the grey side is to really think about who you want to follow, hoping that they will follow you back. Find out which people retweet a lot. If they start following you and tweeting your content you will become more visible to others.

Take time zones in account. Automation can help your twitter. It can help for example with point 3 Sam mentioned above, you can really time your tweets. You can easily tweet again on a different timezone, not everybody will see your tweet twice, because they are not all staring at your timeline all the time.

Do not automate too much. However be careful not to automate too much. Too much automation will make people unfollow you quickly and new potential followers who will check out your account and only see automated material will be less tempted to actually follow you.

Tweet other peoples stuff. Finally: don’t just tweet about what you write, publish or do. Also tweet other interesting stuff from other people. Make it interesting for people to follow you not just because who you are, but what you share as well.

Off course we also would like to know what your thoughts are: what are more ways of getting more followers?

About Sam Murray

Sam Murray graduated from University with a BA (Hons) in Marketing in 2007 and wrote his 10,000 word dissertation on Search Marketing. Sam is a freelance search manager.

133 thoughts on “15 Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers and 10 Essential Tools

  1. Great Sam! Using the #SESNY hastag really boosted the State of Search twitteraccounts numbers last week. Especially when they made a list of most active tweeters at SES NY, so thats definitly a proven way!

  2. Sam – Yet another great post!

    I think one of the most important things to take away from this is the part about ‘influencers’. Targeting twitter users who could potentially build your profile for you by retweeting and mentionioning you is a step further to just building followers. Whilst the number of followers your profile has remains prevalent, targeting those you know will promote your tweets without much push is key to gaining an authority voice on twitter.

  3. @Rebecca

    Thank you and that is very true. Even though the post is about increasing your twitter followers I wanted to cover that topic as like yourself, I feel it is very important too.

    That topic deserves a whole new blog post in itself!

    If people have any further Twitter Tools they use or think are useful then please SHOUT…

  4. Great post Sam, thankyou!

    Whilst the convo has moved onto general tools for twitter, here’s one – Twitter Karma http://dossy.org/twitter/karma

    It shows you who you’re following, which of those people follow you back, and also people that follow you but that you haven’t followed. Cool huh? Good for when you’re feeling like you need to perform a twitter cull – unfollowing folks that clutter your feed but don’t bring value, and maybe those that just won’t share the love. Reciprocity in relationships has to be the key in many cases, how do you feel when you religiously RT osomeone’s posts and they don’t even drop you a little @thanks from time to time? How about a little humility? Au revoir to them. Flipside is you can sometimes find that you’re not following someone that’s been engaging you in some banter and you can return the following favour. Karma? You get back what you put in 🙂

  5. A very good resource Sam, one of the best I’ve read on Twitter. I think one important thing to emphasize is that increasing followers requires lots of time and dedication, and a focus on not just yourself but on one’s followers….or so I think so. I don’t have too many followers…yet. 🙂


  6. A new web tool to “really” get what your followed people are sharing with you! Read Twitter streams as newspapers – quickly browse the hundreds of links people are sharing – view this content organized into topics (semantic analysis) – view multimedia – summaries of content – and tweets re-integrated into context…

  7. Great post – a really useful resource and I have included many of these in my arsenal.

    With regards to point 6 “Be a resource”, I think this is a great way to share what you are learning in your field and therefore ties in nicely with points 2, 4, 5 and 7.

  8. I think taking a very tasteful approach when it comes to communicating yourself on Twitter is very important. People tend to zone out from profiles that simply spam the wall with their services. Trying to communicate with the audience in front of you takes a very tasteful approach.

  9. Thank you to everyone who has added a comment, a tool and for all the kind words.

    I think @clairecarlile point is very apt in that reciprocity in relationships has to be the key in many cases. People should treat Twitter in the same way they treat people in real life, just because you are behind a screen doesn’t mean that human functions such as compassion, humour, appreciation shouldn’t be considered. Relationships are built in the very same way as offline!

    There are a load more very useful tools out there, you just have to know how to utilise them effectively. Any more tools to share?

  10. Hi Sam,

    I have to say I am not too impressed with Tweet O Clock.

    It doesnt offer me information on when my customers are actually on Twitter. Instead, it gives information based on when customers respond to my Tweets.

    If my customers are more active on Sundays, surely it would be better to suggest I should start posting on a Sunday?!



  11. Thanks for tips ..

    I am using and Tweet Adder to increase my followers , It’s works quite well and easy .. I am looking towards more tools and techniques to increase followers .. now checking out many other ways..

    Must check Tweetoclock as it’s mention few times here..

    Cheers ..


  12. The biggest key that I can see in building your number of followers and your influence on Twitter, is to not give a damned about your number of followers and boosting your influence on Twitter.

    Look at Pistachio. She is now one of the true power players in social media, and it’s mainly because of Twitter. Look at how she uses Twitter, as a conversation tool, and promote content that OTHER people have created.

    I have yet to hear her ONCE mention how many followers she has. Scoble does it every other day.

    Twitter works well when you use it as a spotlight to put the focus on EVERYONE ELSE.

    That is how you build influence on Twitter and increase your number of followers.

    Josefina Argüello – Motores de búsqueda

  13. Thanks for all the comments and trackbacks people.

    @poipu beach seal – If you pay I would love to come out there! :p
    @Josefina I completely agree! I say in poitn 6 it is important to be a resource for the community as you are only as valuable to your followers as your tweets

    If anyone wants to further the conversation my twitter is:


  14. Thanks so much! I think the quality approach can be really useful for generating engagement. Everyone has a different approach to Twitter, but for local business, connecting wtih consumers who are more likely to conenct with you offline too because they’re local is good to add to the mix!

  15. What do you guys reckon is the greatest Twitter tool? Tweet Attacks is apparently awesome, but I haven’t tested it.

  16. Nice ways.. Thanks, Twitter is a powerful platform for increasing exposure for your brand and broadcasting your message to a growing targeted audience.

  17. WOW! a great list. I will really try them all so that i may increase my twitter followers. Right now my followers are about 110. With these insights, my target is to reach 200 followers before the end of June.

  18. Thanks for the tips on how to increase Twitter followers. One thing that strikes me is on the need to be more involved as well as to try to connect with power tweeter.

  19. Great article Sam, looks like this has been up for sometime but I found it very informative and helpful. Thank you for such an insightful read.

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    I genuinely couldn’t believe it, until I saw the results myself.

    Anyways, Hope this helps some of you folk out 🙂

  21. Good tips, I think tip 9 is important. I feel that these days many people use Twitter as a means of finding out information on a certain subject, especially by using the search function. By putting a hashtag in a tweet it makes it easy to find, if someone agrees with your tweet it surprising the effect it has on them.

  22. Nice tip Sam..One key which I believe works is the engage.. Don’t use your Twitter account as an automated or bot account.. Share useful stuff but at the same time reply to people Tweets and query in real time.. This will help in creating better reputation….

  23. Very interesting post. I’m getting the hang of twitter (I think) and this post will help me develop my technique. Thank you for spreading the knowledge : )

  24. I bought 2,500 followers at sproutfollowers.com. They were non targeted followers. Then 2 days after receiving the followers I followed verified accounts of celebs on twitter. After doing this people must of saw me as similar to them, and with having lots of followers they are now following me. Simple! I had a friend say followersstore.com works too so i’m now using both. But this is my method and I don’t know if it will work for anyone else.

  25. Hi Sam, Really Awesome post and great resources links i hope they will help me to increase twitter followers on my dimands 🙂

    Big thanks for sharing this usefull post.

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  27. Hi Sam Murray
    Thanks for this great post !
    To get followers in Twitter,the user should keep in mind to follow people with the same liking and  using the hash tag is very important.

    Thanks again

  28. Hi Sam,

    One thing I don’t understand is that when for example talking to powertweeters to get more followers,  this will lead to quite some tweets. This is not very interesting for my followers, so I would say they will unfollow me because I’m not tweeting interesting stuff…

  29. Hi Sam,

    i liked the tools which you described and a well structured article,i am  glad i read this article thanks for sharing 🙂

  30. These are some great points! I think it is very important to follow other people. At first it may seem like you are following a lot more people than are following you, but by following people your name gets out there and allows other people to see you and then start following you.

  31. Have been using tweet deck but I get followers and the next hour they are gone, any clue about it

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  33. Greetings! Very useful advice within this article!
    It is the little changes which will make the most significant changes.
    Thanks for sharing!

  34. The article has very basic info and not very enriching. Why write eassay when you could have bulleted it …rest 5 are repetitive in rephrased manner, bad for panda 🙂

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  41. Twitter’s own Trends listing is useful for an indication of what’s getting attention – perhaps twittering on some of the more amusing ones is a way to gain interest?
    #ThingsEasilyStoredInATrumpet is number 7 at the moment…

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  44. I am New to twitter en I thot it wld be easy but it’s contrary…..#honestly I have no idea what to do….thanks anyway 4 e advice

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    Thanks to craft such excellent article to increase twitter


  48. I have been using SocialOomph almost exclusively, and I do send auto DM’s to all new followers. I feel they at least deserve an immediate acknowledgement from me.

    But lately I’ve ran into massive problems with SocialOomph rejecting my tweets, and saying they were duplicates. When I asked support, they stonewalled me – said that they had no control over this, that I should take the query to Twitter. And what a pity that I should be disappointed with their service because of something they can’t control.

    If it’s twitter, and not them, why can I copy the EXACT same tweet, go to tweetdeck (or any other platform) and the tweet goes through, no prob.

    So, SocialOomph may have a nice dashboard, but their customer service folks have their head up their . . . Use at your own risk.

  49. Really good post – some brilliant tips. It’s really easy on twitter to fall into certain traps and miss opportunities. If your business is just starting out in the world of Twitter and you’re not getting many followers or engagement, you’re probably doing it wrong.

    I find that not being to sales-y on Twitter really helps – if every other tweet is intended to direct people to your website, promoted products and services or points you to a blog then you’re selling yourself too much. Nobody wants that on their twitter feed. You want your brand to appear relatable, post things that are interesting, funny and informative that’s the best way to drive engagement and add value. There’s a good article on improving your social media following hope you find it useful; http://www.lucidica.com/blog/social-media/5-tactics-to-improving-your-social-media-following-2/

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