100 Hours Of Content Uploaded To YouTube Per Minute: Don’t Get Left Out!
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100 Hours Of Content Uploaded To YouTube Per Minute: Don’t Get Left Out!

5th June 2013

It seems like YouTube (and the rest of the internet) has been with us forever but the world’s biggest video portal only hit its 8th birthday a couple of weeks ago. How did YouTube celebrate this birthday? By announcing the milestone that 100 hours of video content are uploaded to the site every minute. That’s an incredible figure if you break it down – it equates to 6,000 hours of video uploads per hour and 144,000 of new video every day. This comes very soon after YouTube announced that they now receive 1 Billion unique visits to the site each month. That’s a lot of people watching a lot of cat videos and Candy Crush walkthroughs 😉

And although you may never reach the dizzying heights of ‘most watch ever’ like the ones’s below (267, 464, 833 views for a thigh massage, who knew) there are still best practices that you can follow to make sure your content is seen by those you need it seen by.


Most Watched Videos All Time


If you want to appear on the front pages of YouTube than you need to optimise your video content – it’s called Video SEO for a reason. YouTube is one of the largest and most popular search engines in the world so treat your content on it as you would on Google or Bing:

* Do the necessary keyword research before you produce your content. If that’s not possible then do what you can after. Use those target keywords in your title, description and tags. The right choice of keywords will also determine whether you appear in Google’s blended results, dependent on the user intent behind the search.

* Always include a link back to the site you want to drive visitors too (if that’s applicable) in the description. Always use the http:// prefix.

* Tags are now invisible to the outside world but still carry weight as an internal signal to YouTube. Always use them, making sure you put quotation marks around keyphrases.

* If you’re video has a script that’s excellent – use it for content in the description and for closed captions. If it hasn’t use a service like CaptionTube to do it for you.

* Enable comments. You can always moderate them before they go live but interaction is vital.

* Add annotations to your other videos.

* Create playlists – this gives your video the chance tio be indexed at least twice.

* Brand your channel – let viewers know where else they can find you online.

* Encouraging social sharing of your video content.

YouTube is huge, but so is Google and any kind of effort you can put into optimisation will be better than nothing. The chances are that your video content is never, ever going to go viral but as long as it’s seen by enough people there’s a chance that it will work for you as well as your own site.

Don’t forget that the ‘One Channel’ design gets its universal rollout on June 5th!

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Carla Marshall is Director of SEO at ReelSEO.com.
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